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V Neck Aran Jumper

A brief history of Aran Jumpers


Aran jumpers are possibly the most timeless easy to wear jumper ever made. I am a huge fan and will always buy and sell them. Every wardrobe needs one and when looked after will last and last. They go perfectly with mom jeans or a leather mini. I wanted to share the history of the aran swear with you all as it's such an iconic jumper.

The aran jumper originates from Ireland, named after a set of islands off the west coast. The islanders who were predominantly fisherman and farmers needed something warm, breathable and water repellent thus the aran was born. Knitted with a set of unique stitches depending on the clan each with different meanings.

Today so many jumpers are aran inspired and authentic aran knitwear is highly sort after.

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