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​Vintage Red Levi's Jumper.

Vintage Red Levi's JumperPair with jeans


​Vintage Burgundy Velvet Jumper

Vintage Burgundy Velvet JumperWear with jeans


Vintage Blue Pleat Midi Skirt

Vintage Blue Pleat Midi SkirtPair with boots


​Vintage Pink Button Midi Skirt

Vintage Pink Button Midi SkirtPair with boots and a t-shirt


Vintage Turquoise Crinkle Scarf

Vintage Turquoise Crinkle ScarfMany ways to wear


​Vintage Green Koalas Scarf

Vintage Green Koalas ScarfMany ways to wear


Vintage Brown Paisley Pocket Square

Vintage Brown Paisley Pocket SquareMany ways to wear