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Mood Roll On Natural Perfumes

  • A touch....natural 10ml roll on perfumes. Comes in an amber roll on bottle packaged in a cardboard box. Choose from:

    A touch of Serenity - With the calming aroma of neroli light essential oil to de-stress you. 


    A touch of Boostifulness - Invigorating aroma of neroli light combined with lemon essential oil to wake you up and brgithen your sunshiny day. 


    A touch of Say Goodnight - With the night sky outside relax with the aroma of lavender essential oil combined with cedarwood essential oil.


    Using the beautiful combination of fractionated cocnut oil and essential oil blends: 

    • it is quickly absorbed so not greasy
    • good for skin hydration and has an abundance of anit-oxidants
    • always a liquid
    • NO harmful chemicals in the perfume
    • Essential oil blends chosen to help your moods


    Easy to apply, just shake the bottle well before each use and roll on the natural perfume anytime throughout the day. Apply to your neck or wrists. 

    **Patch skin test behind your ear 48hrs before initial use**

    **If you experience any itching etc during use please REMOVE ASAP and DO NOT use again. Consult a doctor if concerned**


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