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  • There are 30 Sticks per Box
  • Each Box Includes a Small Ceramic Incense Holder
  • Burn Time Per Stick is Approximately 30 Minutes
  • Each Stick is Roughly 12cm in Length
  • Country of Origin is Vietnam (Made by Nippon Kodo's factory based in Vietnam)

Premium Japanese Scentsual Incense

  • Choose from: Mellow Palo Santo, Sweet White Sage, Calm Himoki Mint or Bitter Pink Ginger

    At the heart of Scentsual incense is a strong connection with nature. All of the incense in the range is made from single plant-based natural fragrances, including some more unusual Japanese inspired choices to excite the senses. Care and attention has been paid to the packaging, which is inspired by the amazing multi-coloured bark that Rainbow Eucalyptus trees are famous for. With 100% natural ingredients and no colourants, these are incense sticks are great for the eco-conscious. The full Scentsual range includes fragrances such as brilliant blue lavender, sweet white sage, fresh green tea, calm hinoki mint, bitter pink ginger and sparkling gold yuzu.

    Made From Plant-Based Fragrances | Zero Colourants | 100% Natural Fragrance Oils | Eco-Conscious Packaging Made with Recycled Paper

    Bitter Pink Ginger Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)

    If you love all things Japanese, then you must try the Scentsual Bitter Pink Ginger incense. 

    Bitter pink ginger is a common feature on menus in Sushi restaurants in Japan. Bitter pink ginger is the term given to young ginger roots. They have a short season in the spring, but when they’re picked, they tend to be pink. The roots are marinated in sugar and vinegar to form a pickled vegetable. Bitter pink ginger is regarded as being a Japanese delicacy – it’s served with sushi and is eaten to help cleanse the palate. 

    As Nippon Kodo, the makers of the Scentsual incense range, are based in Japan, it’s very fitting that they’ve created an incense to honour the tradition. 

    In terms of the scent, when you burn one of these incense sticks you’ll be greeted with a lively, uplifting aroma that has a distinct spicy edge to it.

    Mellow Palo Santo Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)

    Scentsual Mellow Palo Santo incense sticks are part of the range produced by Japanese incense manufacturer, Nippon Kodo. The classic scent of palo santo is characterised by a refreshing sweetness and a warm woody feeling that resonates in the heart.

    Calm Hinoki Mint Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)

    If you like green woody scents, then the chances are you’ll love the Scentsual Calm Hinoki Mint incense. The top note of this Japanese incense is Hinoki – which is also known as Japanese cypress – along with a nice helping of fresh mint. The result is a beautiful aroma combination that’s fresh, sharp and woody. 

    The Hinoki tree is native to Japan and the extracted fragrance is revered for its cleaning, comforting and uplifting properties.

    Calm Hinoki Mint incense is a good choice if you’re keen to clear a foggy head, feel rejuvenated and feel calmer. Try burning the incense first thing in the morning to help you start your day as you mean to go on.

    Sweet White Sage Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)

    The Scentsual Sweet White Sage incense is made with 100% natural ingredients. When burned, the sticks release the wonderful herbal scent of crisp, freshly picked white sage.

    Sage is well known and highly regarded as being a cleansing and purifying plant and sage is treated as being sacred by the Native Americans. White sage plants are native to parts of Western USA so the ingredients for the incense are carefully sourced. 

    This sweet white sage incense is ideal to use if you specifically want to focus on cleaning and purifying a space or want to perform a ritual. But it’s equally beneficial to burn if you simply want to enjoy the fresh and herbal aroma of these incense sticks. With a fresh and clean scent, and the knowledge that only natural fragrances have been used in the making of the product, you can rest assured that you’re getting an eco-friendly product.

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