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  • Lavender & Clary Sage
  • Made with soy wax blended with pure essential oils
  • Each tin is 200ml
  • Burning time more than 40 hours
  • All candles come with a gift box and a blend's description

Starry Lagoon Candle

SKU: 82371072
  • Starry Lagoon is a clear and mellow scent like sitting next to a quiet stream under the starry night.

    Scented with Lavender and Clary Sage pure essential oils:

        Lavender : Relaxing and promote restful sleep.

        Clary Sage : Helps alleviate stress by inducing a sense of well-being.


    Starry Lagoon // Soy Wax Candle in a metal tin with a wooden wick // 200ml. Lavender + Clary Sage // Scented Collection #03. Best for a cosy night in relaxing.

    Made in Swindon.

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