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​Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Travel case

Eco-Bru Bamboo Toothbrush Travel CaseToothbrush not included


Single Eco-Bru ​Bamboo Toothbrush

Eco-Bru Bamboo Toothbrushavailable in 4 different colours


​Eco-Bru Bamboo Straw

Eco-Bru Bamboo StrawEco friendly


Black macrame keyring

Black Macrame Keyringmade by Raining in Darling


Vintage yellow glass tea light holder

Vintage Yellow Glass Tea Light HolderComes with a tealight


Vintage black floral tea light holder

Vintage Black Floral Tea Light HolderComes with a tealight


​Vintage ornate ornament.

Vintage ornate ornament Use as an incense holder or jewellery stand


Citrus Delight wax melts

Lost + Fond Citrus Delight Wax MeltsSweet Orange + Bergamot


Gin Festival

Lost + Fond Gin Festival Wax MeltsJuniper Berry + Lemon


Moonchild Forest​

Lost + Fond Moonchild Forest Wax MeltsCedarwood + Neroli


Gentle Sunrise Wax Melts

Lost + Fond Gentle Sunrise Wax MeltsEucalyptus + Lavender


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