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Handmade Wave Clay Earrings


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Marble Arch Studs

Marble Arch Studsby Night Time Holiday


​Pink Posy Arch Studs

Pink Posy Arch Studsby Night Time Holiday


Olive May Mermaid Tears Necklace

Olive May Mermaid Tears NecklaceSterling silver clasp


Olive May Onyx Necklace

Olive May Onyx NecklaceSterling silver clasp


Olive May Aquamarine Necklace

Olive May Aquamarine NecklaceSterling silver clasp


Mohave Purple Turquoise Necklace

Olive May Mohave Purple Turquoise NecklaceSterling silver clasp


New Aztec Shawl Blanket

New Aztec Shawl BlanketSuper soft


Olive May Amethyst Necklace

Olive May Amethyst NecklaceSterling silver clasp


​Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Travel case

Eco-Bru Bamboo Toothbrush Travel CaseToothbrush not included


Single Eco-Bru ​Bamboo Toothbrush

Eco-Bru Bamboo Toothbrushavailable in 4 different colours


​Eco-Bru Bamboo Straw

Eco-Bru Bamboo StrawEco friendly


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