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​Vintage Dark Blue Levi's 501 Jeans

Vintage Dark Blue Levi's 501 JeansClassic 501 Levi's!

£18.00 SOLD

​Vintage Faded Black Levi's 501 Jeans.

Vintage Faded Black Levi's 501 JeansClassic 501 Levi's


​Vintage Yanchee Mom Jeans

Vintage Yanchee Mom JeansHigh waisted iconic fit.


​Vintage Black Cappopera Mom Jeans

Vintage Black Cappopera Mom JeansHigh waisted!

£35.00 SOLD

​Vintage 80's Black Leather Trousers.

Vintage 80's Black Leather TrousersDress up or down.


​Vintage Le Donne Mom Jeans

Vintage Le Donne Mom JeansPair with a white tee and trainers.


​Vintage Blue Tartan Mini Skirt

Vintage Blue Tartan Mini SkirtPair with a t-shirt and trainers.


​Vintage Navy Ditsy Pleat Skirt

Vintage Navy Ditsy Pleat SkirtPair with trainers and a t-shirt!


Vintage Red Corduroy Mini Skirt.

Vintage Red Corduroy Mini SkirtPair with a vintage tee and vans!


​Vintage Pink Suede Skirt

Vintage Pink Suede SkirtPair with a biker t-shirt


Vintage Black Levi's Jeans

Vintage Black Levi's JeansWardrobe staple!


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