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Pink Tie Dye Long Sleeve T-shirt

Pink Tie Dye Long Sleeve T-shirtWear with mom jeans


​Vintage Rutgers Sports Jumper

Vintage Rutgers Sports JumperPair with denim


​Vintage White 80's Bow Shirt

Vintage White 80's Bow ShirtTuck into mom jeans


​Vintage Tartan Button Shirt.

Vintage Tartan Button ShirtOversized fit


Vintage Brown Polka Dot Shirt.

Vintage Brown Polka Dot ShirtPair with denim


​Vintage Purple Aztec Blouse

Vintage Purple Aztec BlouseTuck into mom jeans


​Vintage Cream Corduroy Shirt.

Vintage Cream Corduroy Oversized ShirtPair with a tee and jeans


Vintage Orange Sports Cropped T-shirt

Vintage Orange Sports Cropped T-shirtPair with jeans or shorts


​Vintage Green Baseball Cropped T-shirt

Vintage Green Baseball Cropped T-shirtPair with jeans or shorts


​Vintage Abstract Yellow Print Shirt.

Vintage Abstract Yellow Print ShirtTuck into mom jeans


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