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​Vintage Teal Printed Silk Blouse

Vintage Teal Printed Silk BlouseTuck into 501 Levi's

£18.00 SOLD

​Vintage White Lace Victorian Blouse

Vintage White Lace Victorian BlouseCut out lace detailing.


​Vintage Multi Check Shirt

Vintage Multi Check ShirtTuck into vintage Levi's


​Vintage Green Fila T-shirt.

Vintage Green Fila T-shirtPair with shorts or jeans.

£16.00 SOLD

​Vintage Red Polka Dot Blouse

Vintage Red Polka Dot BlouseTuck into denim jeans.


​Vintage Yellow Stripe Shirt.

Vintage Yellow Stripe ShirtTuck into denim jeans


​Vintage Pastel Stripe Shirt.

Vintage Pastel Stripe ShirtTuck into high waisted mom jeans


​Vintage Orange Corduroy Shirt.

Vintage Orange Corduroy ShirtPair with a t-shirt and mom jeans.

£18.00 SOLD

​Vintage Breton Stripe T-shirt

Vintage Breton Stripe T-shirtTuck into vintage mom jeans.


​Vintage White Embroidered Crop Blouse

Vintage White Embroidered Crop BlouseWear with light denim jeans.


​Vintage Lakers Champion Basketball Vest

Vintage Lakers Champion Basketball VestPair with Levi's 501


Vintage Green Tribal Shirt.

Vintage Green Tribal ShirtTuck into vintage mom jeans.


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