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Vintage Wool Icelandic Cardigan

Vintage Wool Icelandic Cardigan100% wool

£10.00 WAS £20.00

​Vintage Camel and Neon Pattern Cardigan

Vintage Camel and Neon Pattern CardiganWear with denim

£11.00 WAS £22.00

​Vintage Taupe Fluffy Gilet Cardigan

Vintage Taupe Fluffy Gilet CardiganSuper warm

£9.00 WAS £18.00

​Vintage Black Fluffy Gilet Cardigan

Vintage Black Fluffy Gilet CardiganMohair!

£9.00 WAS £18.00

​Vintage Cream Minimalist Cardigan

Vintage Cream Minimalist CardiganLambswool

£11.00 WAS £22.00

​Vintage Black Fluffy cardigan

Vintage Black Fluffy cardiganPair with a tee and denim

£11.00 WAS £22.00

​Vintage Green Knit cardigan

Vintage Green Knit cardiganWear with anything and everything

£9.00 WAS £18.00

​ Vintage Aztec Ralph Lauren Cardigan

Vintage Aztec Ralph Lauren CardiganAztec cardigan

£14.00 WAS £28.00

​Vintage Camel and Gold Button Cardigan

Vintage Camel and Gold Button CardiganPair with mom jeans and a t-shirt

£10.00 WAS £20.00

​Vintage Camel Knit Cardigan

Vintage Camel Knit Cardigan100% cotton

£11.00 WAS £22.00

​Vintage Houndstooth Knit Cardigan

Vintage Houndstooth Knit CardiganPair with denim

£10.00 WAS £20.00

​Vintage Aztec Tie Cardigan

Vintage Aztec Tie CardiganWear over a vintage t-shirt and jeans.

£12.50 WAS £25.00

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