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We’re Kapada Vintage a new online boutique selling curated pieces to sassy huns!

KAPADA – means apparel in Hindi.

Our pieces are sourced from around the world where we scout out beautiful unique clothing and accessories and bring them to you our wonderful customers who are looking for something a little special. On our buying trips we have our style icons in mind! Their style will always be timeless.

By buying vintage you’re doing all sorts of good on the world. Recycling clothes and giving them a whole new lease of life. It also means you get something with a story behind it. #reloved

In October 2019 we opened our very first bricks and mortar store in old town, Swindon. Find us here.

We’d love to hear what you think of our collection so please feel free to get in touch or Instagram us @kapada.vintage.

Big Love

Kapada Vintage 🍍


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